Welcome to the BodySound Chair

Seeking more from your practice of mindfulness or meditation?

The BodySound Chair utilizes technology that consists of an amplifier and transducers along with layered music to induce synchronized sounds, vibrations and electromagnetic fields. These work together to produce profound relaxation and stress reduction, and to facilitate personal growth. With repeated practice you can learn what a profoundly relaxed body feels like, making it relatively easy to reproduce this feeling state so that you can remain relaxed more or most of the time.

How do sessions work?

Your first Body Sound Chair session will be 90 minutes long, as there is a brief orientation before using the chair, and about 15 minutes of discussion afterward. After this first session, we meet after your meditation for 15-20 minutes to process your experience. Once you have used the chair several times and would simply like to use the chair on an ongoing basis (without discussion or processing), you may continue with simply coming in to use the chair, which requires the scheduling of a 1-hour block of time.

To schedule a session, email New Family Beginnings at kalli@newfamilybeginnings.com or call 651-882-6234.

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