Are you in a rural part of the state and can’t access services or find a professional that’s a good fit? Or maybe you live in a small community and don’t want to run into your therapist at the grocery store. Some people aren’t comfortable talking about sensitive issues face to face. All of these are valid reasons to consider teletherapy - talking with me, a licensed, experienced professional over the phone at a time that’s mutually convenient.


Weekend & evening hours available

The process for setting up teletherapy is simple - just give me a call or email. We’ll discus the issue you’re seeking help with, and determine if we are a fit for each other. If we are, I’ll email you a set of intake forms and ask you to fill them out and email them back. We’ll set up a time to talk and a length of time for the initial session. 

The first phone session is usually 55-60 minutes long. Subsequent sessions can be done in 15 minute increments, so you’re only using the time that’s needed. We’ll usually decide whether to schedule another call at the end of the current call. Some people like a regular time set up, others like to be able to email or call me to set up another time to talk. Payment is typically done via credit card after a session, so I’ll ask you to fill out a form giving me permission to charge your credit card for the teletherapy.

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