Email Therapy


Weekend & evening hours available

Some people prefer the anonymity of therapy via email, and it’s a way to overcome the barriers that others experience of distance or lack of access to services. It’s also very convenient, as emails can be written at any time, and I respond within 24 hours (in most cases much more quickly, but no longer than this). 

The process to start email therapy is simple - just give me a call or send an email using the contact form on this website. We’ll discus the issue you’re seeking help with, and determine if we are a fit for each other. If we are, I’ll email you a set of intake forms and ask you to fill them out and mail or email them back.

The fees for email therapy are different than those for teletherapy, video, or chat. With email therapy, there’s a weekly rate that is charged automatically to a credit card number you have provided and given me permission to use. For this weekly fee, the emails are essentially unlimited; however, there is a ceiling to the time if week after week, the time spent on reading and composing emails is greater than 3 hours per week on my end. Because it is assumed that some weeks will have more contact than other weeks, this is an overall "ceiling.” For most of my clients, the time spent emailing has felt fair to both them and me.

If you are interested in this option, send me an email!

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